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There is that dimension where there is neither earth, nor water, nor fire, neither dimension of the infinitude of space, nor dimension of the infinitude of consciousness, nor dimension of nothingness, nor dimension or neither perception nor non-perception, neither this world nor the next world, nor going, nor stasis, neither passing away nor arising, without stance, without foundation without support.

Culinary. Astronomic and gastronomic proportions.

Nirvana is not a heavenly abode that one goes to. Nirvana is a mindset that one exist in. So whether it’s the department break for lunch or dinner for two; whether it’s a hunger for curry or thirst for lassi; whether you dine in, or take away, the food assures that you take away the peace of mind that comes with only the perfect blend of spices at the perfect Nirvana.
-Buddha, on Nirvana


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