BANG! Incorporated is a fashion and multimedia consulting company with a focus in “Bollywood to Hollywood” production and marketing. The new scholars of hybrid styles and innovative concepts, keeping it cutting edge while staying in tuned with a universal cultural lifestyles.

Our focus is on discovering new ideas, concepts, talent and collaborating with various companies in bringing exciting, Independent and Bollywood multimedia to the forefront of the entertainment industry through

We are experts in domestic/international multimedia production and marketing in the fashion and entertainment industry.

Fashion Consulting:

Fashion consulting focus is on colors, styles, accessories, and even hair and makeup while keeping on top of the latest fashion trends. We consult for music videos, film, business executives, individuals and celebrities. Promoting Bang Bikinis which will be Bollywood inspired fabric and style.

Multimedia Distribution Management:

Through we will distribute Independent music, videos, films, documentary and print-media to a global audience. Currently working with the United African Congress affiliates of the United Nation campaigning “The one million Signature,” and Sadarang Worldwide Music.

Marketing and Advertising.

Bang! Inc. is affiliated with some of the best and brightest multimedia designers and producers around the globe, bringing cutting edge ideas, products and services.


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