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Since arriving stateside with her parents from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Brooklyn, New York, Shumaya Banu knew this was the place where she would achieve success. While adapting to ways of a new western culture Ms. Banu grew up in a traditional Bengali family culture. Her parents put strong emphasis on remembering heritage and having cultural pride where discipline and good work ethic will accomplish great things.

While growing up in the urban areas of New York City Ms. Banu, developed a key interest in the fashion and entertainment industries. Although the western fashion and entertainment culture did not coincide with her Bengali - “Bollywood” tradition, she figured there was a way that the two can meet and be unique and universal.

After graduating from Long Island University (Brooklyn Campus) with a B.S. in Marketing, she pursued a corporate career, working on Wall Street as a Sales Analyst. While working in Wall Street, she realized that the “corporate life” was not for her. In the summer of 2002 Ms. Banu founded BANG! Incorporated. A fashion and music company, with an initial focus on modeling and urban music. This allowed her experiment with her life-long dream of bridging the gap between Bengali and Western cultures.

Currently Shumaya Banu has a Masters Degree in Film and Production allowing her to focus on her first short film, “Unveiled” featuring America’s Top Model Anchal Joseph playing the role for “Mina.” Which she has written, produced and directed, with the help of two well know professors, Larry Banks and Norman Steinberg script revision by Academy Award-winning writer. The film, “Unveiled” is set for release in 2012.

The film “Unveiled” consist of a predominate female crew, with the intention of women helping women getting into film has landed Bang Inc. and interview with NY1 Cheryl Wills. Also, with the script as an entree, Ms. Shumaya Banu had the pleasure of meeting with representatives of the Mayor's Office to Combat Domestic Violence and with NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly. Both parties have taken an interest in the film and with the messages it holds for Muslim women and families as well as for countless others in all walks of life in New York City.

With her “Bollywood to Hollywood” brain-child, Shumaya Banu is prepared to bring her dream to life. Bringing a unique fashion sense and knowledge of current trends in other relating industries, Called “BANG a.k.a. Bangladesh” by some of her colleagues for intriguing urban-benglai fashion taste and business savvy, Ms. Banu intends on leading the company to new heights as Bang! Incorporated enters the “Digital Age” of the global economy.


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